CAP project A collaborative research program between Fujitsu Ltd and The Australian National University.
Knightcap Chess program with 3D graphics.
Samba Share files and printers between Linux and Windows
rsync A utility for the efficient updating of files and directories across slow network links.
Fly8 Fly8 is a (reasonably portable) flight simulator which allows multiple players. It currently has working ports for Unix/X11, msdos (c8, bcc, djgpp) and MS-Win. It is distributed with the sources (in C).
fft A small system for generating fully unrolled high speed integer FFT programs. It has a few choices for the speed/size tradeoff and can generate target programs for a few platforms: C, intel x86 asm, m68k asm, ns32k asm.
David Bell David is a prolific free software author who distributes lots of interesting utilities. Of particular interest is his work on the game of life.
JitterBug JitterBug is a web based bug tracking system written in C.
DUMB DUMB is a Doom-like game engine capable of running Doom WADs.
Pthreads-Win32 An implementation of POSIX threads for Win32 systems..
GNU Autoconf A tool for achieving software portability.

Last updated 18th June 2009

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